Route 62, Honolulu – Wahiawa

Modified in the Mililani Area

Effective: Sunday, 6/4/2017


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Effective Sunday, June 4, 2017, the City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services (DTS) will modify Route 62, Honolulu-Wahiawa to utilize Lanikuhana Avenue to service Mililani Transit Center. 


To accommodate affected riders, two new bus stops will be established on Lanikuhana Avenue between Kamehameha Highway and Anania Drive.  Route 62 will no longer service bus stop #1626, 1690, and 1691. 


Please contact DTS at email or (808) 768-8368 with questions or concerns.




Eastbound:      TheBus will travel the regular eastbound route to Lanikuhana/Makaimoimo, then continue makai on Lanikuhana, left Kamehameha, and then resume the regular eastbound route.


Westbound:   TheBus will travel the regular westbound route to Kamehameha/Lanikuhana, then right Lanikuhana, left Meheula Pkwy, into the “BUS ONLY” lane, proceed cautiously into the Mililani Transit Center to the appropriate bus bay, from the Mililani Transit Center, left Meheula Pkwy,  and then resume the regular westbound route after passing Makaimoimo.