Right-Sizing Service in Response to COVID-19

Weekday Service Change




Starting Wednesday, April 1, TheBus will be operating on State Holiday Schedule, on all regular weekdays, Monday-Friday, until further notice. Regular Saturday, Sunday service will operate on the weekends. Good Friday Holiday (4/10/20) will operate Regular State Holiday service.


Please refer to www.thebus.org, call (808) 848-5555, or current printed timetables for more information.


The following routes WILL NOT OPERATE on weekdays:

Route 1L Kalihi-Hawaiʻi Kai (Limited Stops)
Route 2L School Street-Wakīkī (Limited Stops)
Routes 83/84/84A/85/86/87/90 Trips will not operate to/from UH Mānoa.

may use Routes A, 4, 6, 13, 18.

The following routes usually do not operate on State Holiday schedule, but WILL OPERATE WEEKDAY SCHEDULES:

Route 16 Moanalua Valley-Kalihi
Route 99 Kapolei-Central Oʻahu Express
Route 234 Kahala Mall-Waiʻalae Nui
Route 235 Kahala Mall-Waiʻalae Iki


The following routes will have modifications made to STATE HOLIDAY schedules and/or routing:

Route 1 Will service Hahaʻione Valley eastbound only, replacing Route 1L service.
Route 52/72
Route 52 will provide later trips to Whitmore Village to be added to State

Holiday schedule.
Route 73 Midday service added to State Holiday schedule to service Kuala Street and


Route 80A - Non-instructional day service will run; one trip in the AM and one

trip in the PM.
Route 93 Two AM trips added to State Holiday schedule at 3:45am and 4:00am to

match Weekday schedule.
Route W1 Two AM trips added to State Holiday schedule at 5:15am and 5:35am.


The Department of Transportation Services and Oʻahu Transit Services will monitor loads on the new schedule and adjust trips and vehicle types to ensure, where possible, best practice social distancing can occur.



Route 73 Midday Route Modification, Service to Kuala Street and LCC


Route Description: TheBus will travel from the terminus at Hoolaulea/Hoolawa, continue on Hoolaulea, left Waimano Home, right Kamehameha, right Acacia, right Kuala, right Pearl City Bus Facility, U-Turn (riders will not be able to alight), left Kuala, left Acacia, right Kamehameha, left Waiawa, right Ala Ike, left into LCC, circle through parking lot, right Ala Ike, left Waiawa, right Kamehameha, left Waimano Home, right Komo Mai, right Hoolaulea, to terminus at Hoolaulea/Hoolawa.

Route 73 Map    pdf version    Weekday Service Change Translation