TheHandi-Van Bus Fare
To Ride TheBus

Available to riders eligible for TheHandi-Van, the Americans with Disabilities Act complementary paratransit service.

One-Way Fare: $1.00
Fare applicable with valid TheHandi-Van Identification (ID) Card.

EFFECTIVE Tuesday, July 1, 2014, TheBus Transfer will have a detachable coupon in addition to the body of the transfer to allow for up to two connections.

Effective: 10/1/2017
1-Day Pass $2.00
Ask your bus operator for the 1-Day Pass before placing your money in the farebox.
Valid 12:00 a.m. - 2: 59 a.m. the next day, for up to 27 hours of unlimited rides.

STARTING 10/1/2017, riders who need to transfer may purchase a 1-Day Pass on the bus good for rides all day.


  • Transfers are given upon request to cash paying customers, at the time of boarding
  • Transfers are valid only until time shown at the top
  • Valid for up to two connections only
    • Driver takes coupon on the 1st connection
    • Driver takes the entire transfer on the 2nd connection
  • Not valid for return trips/round trips
  • Expired and improperly cut transfers will be collected by the driver
  • Transfers are not to be given to or sold to another person
TheHandi-Van Identification Card

TheHandi-Van Identification (ID) Card

  • Initial TheHandi-Van (ID) Card and renewals require an in-person interview and application process.
  • Please contact TheHandi-Van Eligibility Center at (808) 538-0033.
  • For more information:

TheHandi-Van Monthly Pass Sticker: $5.00

  • Requires valid TheHandi-van Identification (ID) card, as sticker affixes to the front of the card.
  • Unlimited usage for regular and Express! service during the month purchased.

TheHandi-Van Monthly Pass Sales Locations:

TheHandi-Van Annual/Biennial Passes:
$30.00 1 year
$60.00 2 year

  • Requires valid TheHandi-Van Identification card.
  • Pass must be purchased at TheBus Pass Office.
  • Unlimited usage for regular and Express! service during the year purchased.

TheHandi-Van Annual / Biennial Pass Sales Location:
TheBus Pass Office - Kalihi Transit Center